Peer Health Educators' (PHEs) Mental Health Workshop
More often than not, students turn to a peer for support before seeking professional health resources. In light of this, the PHE program is comprised of trained student volunteers who educate other students about health resources, thus facilitating students' ability to be connected to care. 

This Mental Health Workshop was designed by our Suicide Intervention Coordinator, Megan Kennedy, and is presented by PHEs. You can choose between a 40-minute or 1 hr 30 min version.
What is your full name (first and last)?

What is the email address with which you'd like to receive a reminder/confirmation email from us?

Which version of our workshop would you like us to present?

Please state at least 2 potential dates for this workshop AT LEAST 1 WEEK FROM NOW.

Please list available times for the previous dates.

Where on campus would you like this workshop to be held?

What UW group/organization are you affiliated with? (e.g., HFS, FIGs, Residential Life, an RSO, etc.)

What is the estimated size of the group who will attend this workshop?

At one or more points in the workshop, we might use Poll Everywhere to survey the audience. Will the audience be allowed to use their mobile devices or laptops to respond to these surveys?

Would it be alright if other Peer Health Educators-in-training attended this workshop to observe it?

Will there be a projector, an HDMI cord, and/or a projector screen for us to use?

How did you learn about our Mental Health Workshop?


Also, as a further incentive, Healthy Huskies is offering to allocate funds to your group to purchase lunch/food for your requested workshop date and time. If you're interested in this, please fill out the form here:

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